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About Us

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[resell.source] is the first online Discord community curated to buying and reselling collectibles. Formerly known as IHOF, we were the first on the scene reselling Funko, Hot Wheels, comics, vinyls, concert tickets, and other “lowkey flips.” We provide resources to assist our members with securing the hottest and latest collectibles with ease. With our monitors and info, you’ll make your profits and never miss a restock again.

I was a noob who tried reselling alone. I didn’t know anything about how this world works. Monitors, cook groups, bots, etc. Once I got in, every member was super helpful and had patience for questions I had. Learning in an accepting environment helped me grow fast. I now have new skills and have side income which showed me there’s no limit to how much you can make. It’s up to you. You’re your own boss. Make money and friends along the way.

- Rodrigo L, member

Enhance Your Resell Career

Exclusive Information

We provide exclusive information to the latest and hottest products such as early links to ensure you’re prepared for the drop. With our information, you’ll be more than ready to obtain.

Fast Monitors

Our monitors are lightning fast and constantly running to alert you on the shock drops and random restocks that can occur anytime throughout the day.

Unlock Your Potential

With the resources we provide, you will unlock your reselling potential and obtain more than you ever did before.

Why Choose Us

A Unanimous Community

Our community is full of like-minded individuals just like you, looking to secure for their collection or profit. We are all here with the same goals and to contribute to one another’s success.

Active community

An active and mature community ready to help one another.

24/7 Customer Support

Knowledgeable staff ready to accommodate you.

Lightning fast monitors

Never miss a restock again with our monitors. You'll receive pings and alerts on time for restocks on your favorite products.

How Do I Join?

The Process



If your application is approved, you will receive an email to subscribe and join our community.



You've made it! You're now a part of the [rs] community. Make yourself at home, explore our server, and meet the other members.



It'll take some time to learn how monitors work, how restocks work, but you will learn it all. Just take the time to ask questions and absorb!



It's now your time to shine. With our resources, you can begin profiting or securing what you need for your collection.

Our Partners
Our partners provide our community with monthly opportunities to purchasing their software (known as groupbuys) to help empower our members with further success.
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$49.99/month – US membership
£39.99/month – UK membership
$19.99/month – Lite membership
Community and experience. Our community is welcoming, non-toxic, and established since 2017. The admins and staff of our team have 10+ years of experience with collectibles and reselling.
A monitor is a program/script that scrapes a website for any changes made. Our monitors scrape online retailers for availability on hard-to-get products such as trading cards, limited edition items, and more which then notifies you when in-stock.
A bot is automated software which will continuously monitor a website for when a product is in-stock and will automatically checkout for you. Please note RS is not botting software, but we are experienced with using said software and can help you.
Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!